Unconventional Tactics

Walleye fishing the Anise Worm®


The Anise Worm® is often thought of as a bass worm, but it can be used to catch other species of fish as well. Here are some ways the Anise Worm® can be rigged for walleye fishing.

Original Anise Worm® or Bluegill Anise Worm®

Walleyes spend most of their time near the bottom of lakes and rivers, so you will want to get the Anise Worm® down deep. One way to do this is by using a bottom bouncer rig. Attach your main line to the "R" shaped bend of the bottom bouncer wire. Then attach the leader loop of the Anise Worm® to the snap on the bottom bouncer. Use this technique when drift trolling or motor trolling. With the boat in motion, slowly lower the rig into the water, letting the worm trail behind the bottom bouncer. Lower it to the bottom, then take up the slack so that the wire just touches the bottom. Set the hook immediately when a fish strikes.

A sliding sinker rig is another way to use the Anise Worm® when walleye fishing. Thread an egg sinker or walking sinker onto your main line. Then tie the line to a snap swivel or modified barrel swivel with a snap. Attach the leader loop of the Anise Worm® to the snap and use when drift trolling, motor trolling, or casting. Variations include threading colored "floaties" or beads and a spinner blade onto the leader for extra appeal, or adding extra monofilament to increase the leader length. Walleyes respond well to colors that include green, yellow, and orange. Also try glow in the dark, black (mimics a leech) and natural nightcrawler colors.

Freedom Anise Worm®

At 5 ", the Freedom Worm is plenty small enough for large walleyes to inhale, but it can be trimmed if a smaller bait is preferred. Use it as a jig trailer with a standard lead jighead, threaded on the shank or rigged weedless. Or use it with other types of jigheads, such as a stand-up jig.

The Freedom Anise Worm® may also be hooked in the nose as shown below and fished with a sliding sinker rig. Add beads and a spinner for more flash. Or use a multiple hook crawler harness. A stinger hook may be added to any of these rigging options for short strikes. Remember these techniques and try the Anise Worm® on your next walleye outing.